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Ready to Get Started?

Whether you have a few minutes or a few days, you can contribute to this work.
There are several ways you can participate in this effort.

Email your local representative to tell them about your experiences and get their views on current alcohol regulation

Email your state representative
(Find your state rep here!)

Work to pass a resolution in your city acknowledging challenges of current state preemptive law in regards to alcohol sales regulation

Join us in statewide advocacy efforts!

5 Steps to Passing This Resolution

Interested in seeing what you can do to join our efforts in bringing back more local control over our alcohol landscape? Start by checking out our toolkit, Teens Perspective on California Preemption, to read up on how you and your organization can start drafting a resolution similar to what we passed in Richmond, California. To see the resolution we passed, check out the Resources page to read over our resolution and take a look at a sample! Below are steps you can begin to take in passing this resolution in your city!

1. Learn

Familiarize yourself with environmental prevention tools and gain a basic understanding of your role/power as a community member. Discuss what the issues related to alcohol are in your community. Look into local data that can help give you an understanding of the local alcohol landscape–both physically and through community opinion.

2. Evaluate/Review

Research and review local efforts surrounding alcohol policy in your area. Determine possible supporting members/lawmakers through power-mapping to gain solid supporters. Use evaluation methods to gauge the general community’s opinion.

3. Prepare

Using the data you gathered from the previous step, create a presentation that you hope to present to community members and local lawmakers with overarching goals included. At the same time, begin discussing a draft of a resolution based on the data gathered through research and community input. Reach out to similar organizations and gain partnerships and support through them!

4. Educate/Inform!

Spread awareness in your community by hosting presentations to educate/inform others about the state preemptive law issue to gain support for the resolution. This can be presentations to the general community or specific stakeholders that hold power that can help you get closer to your goal, i.e., local lawmakers. Encourage community members to come out and share their thoughts on the alcohol issues in their community at city council meetings. Email or call your city council to let them know about how this issue impacts your community.

5. Show up!

After conducting presentations, submit your resolution to the city council and outreach to community members on coming to the city council meeting to voice support for the resolution and on the issue of state preemptive alcohol laws! It’s important to show local policymakers the interest and support from the community being affected.