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After the Richmond City Council passed DROC’s resolution in November 2020, students set out to create a toolkit to act as a guide for others to use to do similar work in their respective communities.

This toolkit details the knowledge we had to gain to do the work towards challenging and thereby amending current state preemptive law. Included is how we drafted and passed a resolution acknowledging the issues with state preemptive laws and how limiting current California alcohol laws are at the local level.

After completing this toolkit, we plan to share it with other alcohol prevention groups in order to assist them with passing similar resolutions in their city. With the support of multiple cities behind us, we hope to make it clear to our state lawmakers that this issue isn’t just a local issue in Richmond, but in cities across the state.

Later this year, we hope to begin meeting with other local and state legislators to open the discussion on state preemptive law over alcohol sales regulation. We want to begin the path towards healthier communities for all by highlighting the challenges that come with the limiting control at the local level over alcohol sales regulation.

We hope to begin a statewide team effort to advocate for the amending of current laws regarding local alcohol control and help build healthier communities for all!

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